What You Need to Know About Amazon Listing Optimization

amazon optimization service This article is the ultimate guide on what you have to know about Amazon listing optimization and the tools and services you can utilize to get the best out of it. 

One of the most important things that an Amazon merchant must learn is optimizing the listing of products to drive sales. This optimization refers to the process of improving product page to increase their click-through rate, visibility, and conversion rate. This process covers image content, text, reviews, and keyword discovery.


What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

The A9 algorithm is what Amazon uses to decide on which product goes first in the search result. It is similar to what Google uses. For A9 algorithm, it primarily focuses on data involving customer satisfaction, relevance, and conversion rates.


Essential Parts of an Amazon Listing

Let us take a closer look at the elements that comprise an optimize Amazon listing. Here they are:  


Product Title

Amazon product title optimization is essential. In the majority of categories, Amazon allows the title length to be up to 250 characters. If you notice, there are rarely amazon listings that do not utilize all of that. That is because, at first glance, the title must already contain the necessary information regarding the product to entice shoppers to click on the product.


Product Images

Amazon allows a maximum of 9 high-quality product images to be included in the listing. Ideally, the products should have a white background to enhance the focus on the product. Having several angles and showing a photo of the packaging is a must. Moreover, posting a photo that includes product dimensions also helps improve the Amazon product listing optimization.


Product Reviews

Product reviews are integral. The more product reviews a listing has, the more chances of it being on top of the search result, especially if the reviews are mostly positive.


Product Description

You can use up to 1000 characters for a product listing description. This description must contain necessary information about the benefits of your product and what makes it different compare to other similar items.


Product Features

2,000 is the maximum character allowed by Amazon. Here, the description must be persuasive and informational. It must contain the benefit of the product. The best way to do this is by putting yourself in the shoes of the shopper. This way, you can visualize the essential things that they want to hear and know.


Product Ratings

Positive product ratings are essential. It serves as proof that the product is high-quality and effective. This can be not very easy to do organically, but you could utilize an amazon listing optimization tool to make it less challenging.


How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings?

There are two basic ways of how to optimize Amazon listings . The first way to do this by improving the keywords to optimize boost the product’s search rankings. Meanwhile, the other way is by using the right title, description, and images to produce a higher conversion rate.


Top 3 Tools for Amazon Listing Optimization

Utilizing tools can also be the answer to how to optimize Amazon listing . Here are the top 3 most helpful tools for it:


IO Scout

IO Scout is an Amazon research software that has millions of products in its catalog. It helps merchants identify the effective strategies of competitions and provide data on trends and glean insights. It also helps in calculating the profits by doing all the math for you.


Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another amazon research tool. It also has keywords research and competition tracking capability. However, unlike IO Scout, this one helps more on finding winning products and providing sales estimates.


Seller App

Seller App is like the one-stop-shop of Amazon listing optimization service. The Amazon team themselves created it. It focuses on the selling process within the platform. It helps in sales analysis and inventory management. Aside from that, they also offer Amazon optimization service such as editing pictures and creating a listing anywhere in your mobile device.


Amazon Listing Optimization Services

If you are a one-person merchant, managing multiple product listing on your own can be a challenge. However, are several amazon listing optimization services offered by softwares and firms. Most of these services are provided by monthly subscriptions, which range in prices and functions.

Final Thoughts

Many would consider Amazon listing optimization is the key to sucess in the platform, which is true. This is why it is essential to know how it works and how to take advantage of it if you are working in the industry. 


Must-Have Amazon Chrome Extensions For FBA Sellers

amazon seller chrome extension

As an Amazon seller, you have every reason to be competitive in your niche. You need the right tools to help you do that. Whereas other sellers will be running to install product research tools. These tools can eat into a lot of your time and resources. Luckily, Google has the solution to these challenges, with many an Amazon Chrome Extension , which we would like you to know about today. In the end, you will realize you cannot do without them.

  1. FBA Keyword Tool – With the Amazon Seller chrome extension , you have access to some significant product research capabilities. Your options are, however, limited unless you choose the premium version. The premium option gives you access to double the capabilities of the free version. Well, while this comes at a cost, there is always a free tool out there that can help with the product optimization you deserve. That tool is a free Amazon FBA Keyword tool.
  2. Review Request Generator – Reviews are a good way of identifying the perception consumers have about a product. Calculate your Amazon revenue and fees with IO Scout Amazon FBA Calculator and find the most profitable products.
    Collecting reviews is quite strenuous, but with the right chrome Amazon extension , you have that covered. Amazon’s Review Request Generator is all you need. Requesting reviews with this tool will not only make your feedback review process easy, but it will also result in more positive customer reviews. Reviews will not only serve you, but it will also help shed some light on new customers with a particular interest in your products.
  3. The Camelizer – This extension is a feature of the CamelCamelCamel tool. Camelizer offers you in-browser access to significant information about a product you may want to sell. From the extension, you can track the progress of the product in the market before choosing to list it. The Camelizer Google Chrome extension, moreover, offers an insight into the product’s selling value. The extension is completely free; you only to install it and get started.
  4. AmazeOwl – Have you thought of the time spent leaving Amazon every time to research for products? This process goes back and forth and does waste a lot of time for anyone that is using it. AmazeOwl allows you to research the product right from within Amazon in a very simplified way. This Amazon extension for chrome has high one-click functionality, has an easy user interface, it allows you to comprehend coding with color and impeccable hover information. For additional information, press the “Market Analysis” button. AmazeOwl gives you up to 11 marketplaces and comes for free.
  5. AMZ Seller Browser – You can do your product and services research quickly with the help of this Amazon FBA Chrome extension . This tool gives you a deep dive into the product’s performance history. Interestingly, the tool can tell you about whoever is attempting to sell the product. This insight allows you to know when there is a flood of the product in the market and whether you need to avoid listing it.
  6. AMZ Scout – The secret to a successful business on Amazon heavily relies on your product and niche research. Do not wake up on a particular day and decide that you want to sell something u8nless you have done some digging about the product. Multiple tools can help with that, but why not do an easy install of a chrome extension Amazon of AMZ Scout. AMZ comes with exciting features that could crack your product selection headache. For instance, AMZ allows you to collect consumer product reviews allowing you to get a perception of how customers feel about the product and its category. Moreover, the tool can help you calculated returns you may get from selling the product. Furthermore, the tool’s “keyword explorer” feature allows you to arrive at quality keywords to optimize your product for access by customers through custom searches.
  7. Keepa – Pricing is an important factor for selling stuff on Amazon. You need a tool that can help you price your products competitively and attract more customers through pricing. Keepa also available as a Google Chrome extension is precisely what you need. The tool notifies you any time competitors administer price changes to their products. Moreover, it gives you a history of price changes a product has undergone, allowing you to make better pricing decisions.

In a nutshell

Chrome extensions give you a more interesting in-browser experience in your various Amazon seller activities. Different extensions serve various needs. The above are some of those you do not need to miss. Install now, and enjoy your product research and product listing process.


Amazon Associates/Affiliates – make money when other people sell their stuff

Amazon Associates is an easy-peasy means of monetizing your website, blog or social media. Signing up is easy & approval is instantaneous. So whether, you’re a budding capitalist or you’re just to make your time on social media count monetarily, you will find this article helpful by way of setting you up to make thousands of dollars every month.

amazon affiliate account

What exactly is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates or Amazon Affiliate program is an affiliate-marketing initiative that essentially involves promoting the merchandise of Amazon. Amazon remunerates you with a commission whenever a transaction is completed via your link. Amazon Associates is one of the biggest affiliate marketing initiatives in the world given their status as the biggest e-tailer in the world.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate marketer: A step by step guide

Set up a web-site or blogging account

To start earning commissions on Amazon Associate, you must own a site, blogging platform, or personal-video broadcasting platform (e.g. YouTube). Next, you must choose a revenue-generating niche-segment to populate the website with. This niche must have low competitiveness too. If you want to find the best selling products IO Scout is the cost-effective Amazon product research tool in the market.
Viable niches you can select from include computer accessories, auto accessories, sports devices, & home décor. In your application process, you need to explain the objectives of your website. It is also important for you to know the target population & how you will drive traffic.

Go-to the Amazon Affiliates Home-page

Head on to the Amazon Associates Home-page & hit “Register now, free.” You will get a prompt leading you to login to your regular Amazon profile or to create one.

Set up your Amazon Affiliate profile

  1. After gaining entry to your account, press “New Customer” & and commence with the setting up of your Associate profile.
  2. Fill in profile info – this includes your name, phone number, & address 
  3. Fill in your site’s address – this could be multiple sites such as blog sites or urls, YouTube channels
  4. Fill in your favored store ID – this describe your main web-site name. You also need to detail what your platforms aim to fulfill or provide. Choose the Amazon subjects/topics your link is targeting.

Detail how you intend to generate traffic to your platform

Talk about how you capture visitors to your sites & how they generate revenue. explain your link-building methods, & the number of visitors you intend to generate per-month.

Verify by adding your cellphone number

Fill in your cellphone and click “call me now,” & Amazon will call you asking to compute your 4-digit code & once complete, your Associate profile gets ratified.

selected your favored method of remuneration

Opt to input your credit card & ID information immediately or later. Head on to your dashboard.

Generate your Amazon Affiliate Link

Now that your Associate profile creation is complete, you will be rerouted to your Associate home-page. You will see your performance pane (dashboard) displaying your income over-view, per-month summary & total number clicks. The performance pane is where you can research suitable items to link to from your post.

  1. Select either “Rapid links: look for item” or “browse item”
  2. “Rapid links: look for item” lets you look up particular item keywords
  3. “Browse item” lets you look up items through item groups like “Beauty & health,” “Electronics,” & “books”
  4. Once you have a fitting item, click on “Get link”
  5. Personalize your link by opting to add with words or photos, words only, photos, or widget.
  6. Customize background hue, title hue & photo size, depending on whether the link type allows.
  7. Get a pre-view of the link before embedding it on your platform.
  8. Copy & paste the link, short-link or HTML copy & embed it on your platform

Your Associate profile remains ratified for only 180 days. During this period, you are expected to make a minimum of 1 sale otherwise your account will be suspended. You can re-create the program once you have tweaked your platform.

Final word

Amazon Associate is Amazon’s Affiliate marketing initiative that involves generating revenue using item links embedded in blog-posts & website. It’s a great way to monetize your robust traffic into to make an addition income stream. The prospects are high given that Amazon is one of the biggest retailers on earth.

Meta description: are you set to earn passive income with Amazon Associate? This guide will take you through the entire process to get started in the world of earning through linking.


Top Selling Items on Amazon

If you wish to conquer the Amazon market, discovering the best selling items on Amazon is essential. Thanks to the publically available statistics and research provided by Amazon, it’s easy to detect the best options in sales. What merchandise is the most popular? The top selling items on Amazon are countless, but there are some points worth underlining on that list. Among many others, toys, (video) games, electronics, camera, and photo articles, books, clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Let’s have a glance at the top Amazon products.

Best Selling Items on Amazon

What are the top selling Amazon products? It’s crucial to have an exhaustive understanding of the marketplace if we want to make money on it, and since the Amazon market is made of particular products that are quite easy to identify, it’s worth reviewing them closely. Let’s browse the list quickly.


In the beginning, it may seem tempting to pry this hypothesis, but books are actually a product with great potential! Maybe the reason is that Amazon started this currently biggest marketplace in the world exactly with this item.

amazon sell books

Toys and games

That one is not surprising since kids’ market holds the first place among consumers. What’s worth noticing, games are not only for children! A great part of games are video games made for adults.

amazon toys


We all know how supersaturated the electronics market is. That one is not going to change soon. It’s rather pretty likely to expand actually.

amazon electronics

Clothes, jewelry, and shoes

It’s impossible to miss the importance of clothing in our everyday lives. Many of us don’t like crowded centres and manual shopping and prefer to browse for gracious and economic items online.

AMAZON clothes

Camera and photo

Since the beginning of the visual revolution, when the times of the widespread imagining came, we can’t get rid of the newest cameras, exceeding at pixel’s quantity and quality of the image.

amazon camera and photo

How to Choose Top Selling Items on Amazon

A question of what to sell on Amazon is equally important as how to sell it. Choosing the best item that makes an entrepreneur earn fast is a piece of cake with a good Amazon guide. Best selling Amazon products are at hand. Understanding the dynamics of top-selling Amazon products requires paying attention to timing. The essential idea is learning from the past to figure out the future!

Finding Best Selling Products on Amazon with IO Scout Tool

IO Scout is a helpful tool when it comes to finding the most profitable Amazon products. One hour is an average update period of the tracked product. 30,000 people currently use IO Scout’s sales analysis and research tools. All that directly from IO Scout Chrome Extension, so you can analyze listings and bookmark merchandise on Amazon directly from your browser. What is so special about this tool? Here you can spot items with high margins and low competition. Use Amazon FBA Calculator and Amazon Sales Estimator for free. It’s a perfect tool for online business and finding the most sold items on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Researching the top selling items on Amazon is easier than it seems. With appropriate tools and some knowledge, we can discover the best merchandise and start making real money on it. Some items can seem daunting to sell. This information will also derive from Amazon’s analytics and is definitely worth knowing. Discovering top selling items on Amazon is now at hand!


How to Make Money on Amazon: The 10 Easiest Jobs

earn with amazon

If you haven’t jumped on the E-commerce train yet, you might be missing out on your next thousand bucks. E-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress, and others have been around for decades now, empowering people to become their bosses. 

The biggest of them all is Amazon, though. Amazon seller always use FBA Calculator to check amazon revenue and fees.
Amazon provides work for over 650,000 people within its company alone. The number of people selling on Amazon reaches into the millions, and some of them make enough money not to need a day job. Learning how to make money with Amazon isn’t always easy, but it sure can be lucrative.

When you think of how to make money on Amazon, there are many ways. But all of them can be grouped into two forms: Selling and Employment.


This category are the people who earn with Amazon by working on it, selling goods and services. Here are five examples of how to make money selling on Amazon.

1. Arbitrage

You can always start with good old retail arbitrage. This involves buying up stuff at a reduced price only to sell it later at regular rates or higher. You can even buy things for cheap on eBay and resell it on Amazon at raised prices. To learn how to make money on Amazon with arbitrage won’t be difficult, but it’s an extremely competitive niche.

2. Wholesale goods

Do you have an individual or a company that’s ready to sell their products to you in bulk for a reduced price? Then congratulations, selling wholesale goods might be how you make money on Amazon . However, with wholesale goods, the competition will have the same products as you and might even be selling them at lower prices. It can turn to a price war for wholesalers, a competition for the lowest prices. You might even have to go below your profit line. But if you succeed, you might make upwards of a thousand dollars every month.

3. Private label

Private label works with the same basic concept of selling wholesale good with a few differences. Private labeling involves you taking a product that’s already on the market, repackaging (with upgrades, perhaps), and selling to customers as your own brand. Private labeling can be startlingly easy, but there is a lot of competition because your product might only be a little different from the ones already on Amazon. You can also use Amazon’s FBA if you have a massive load of orders. It takes the stress off of you for a fee, of course.

4. Publishing

Are you the next Tolkien or Stephen King? Getting your book published is a hard and lengthy process. But now you can publish your book online on Kindle Direct Publishing. Others now have to pay whatever price you set (within reason) to read your book. And, if it’s a good read, people are more likely to recommend it to their friends, which is free publicity. If you have a flair for writing, this is an excellent example of how to make money on Amazon.

5. Merch

You have to get creative to sell well here. Amazon runs a program called Merch by Amazon, which lets people upload their designs. These designs can be ordered and placed to be printed out on shirts, mugs, hats, bags, etc. To recap: you create a design, customer orders it to be placed on, let’s say, a hat. Amazon prints the design onto the item and pays you your cut. Simple, eh?


This means working directly or indirectly with Amazon to sell goods. It also means being involved in the process of selling goods on Amazon. I have identified five examples of how to make money on Amazon by working for them.

6. Remote Employment

A good portion of Amazon’s customer care representatives are individuals working from home. A full-time customer care representative can make as much as $30000 a year for dealing with customer’s problems from their very own home desks.

7. Affiliation

Bloggers can work as Amazon affiliates and get a certain percentage of any product that’s bought with the links given to them. Of course, the blog topics have to be related to the item it’s linked to. It’s a bit odd to link a garden hose when you’re talking about feminine hygiene products. You can write as usual and still be making money on Amazon.

8. Delivery

In huge metropolitan areas, Amazon sometimes gets swamped with orders and need people to help out. If you’ve got a car, and you’re pretty good at navigating, you could become an Amazon Flex driver. These drivers work in five-hour shifts and earn as much as $18-$25 an hour.

9. Mechanical Turk

This crowdsourcing network might have an off name, but it’s one of the easiest ways of working for Amazon. Amazon gives out little jobs or tasks like completing surveys, validating information, and more to the hundreds of thousands of people working in this program.

10. Distribution Centers

If you work in a largely populated area, chances are there’s an Amazon Fulfillment/Distribution Center in your city. They store package and ship products for sellers. You can apply on their web page .

In conclusion

There’s lots of money to earn with Amazon . Learning how to make money on Amazon , you start an online business empire or help you pull in some much needed extra cash. It’s still a win, either way.